Occupy Hong Kong 2014

A two-part series providing snapshots of Occupy Hong Kong at different points in time and in the movement’s development. Published on War News Radio.

(flickr via PasuAnYeung)

We published the first part, Voices of Discontent , in October 2014, one week after Occupy began. We spoke to student protesters who braved waves of tear gas, a legislative councillor who took part in the Alliance for True Democracy, and a Hong Kong student studying abroad. Tune in to hear about their goals, worries, and experience taking part in the movement, on the ground and overseas.

flickr-via-Leung-Ching-Yau-Alex.jpg(flickr via Leung Ching Yau Alex)

We published Facing the Unknown one month after the first piece. By then, temporary settlements had flourished in Admiralty, Causeway Bay and Mongkok, three of the busiest arteries of Hong Kong. Turning to three legislators across the political spectrum, we examined difficulties that organizers faced in attempts to bargain with the government and build consensus amongst protesters.


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